The 4th Guinea Project is here. Be part of the journey and help us make an impact.

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The BÖLLE Team is excited to announce our upcoming venture, the fourth instalment in our ongoing projects. This new project represents a distinctive undertaking for us. To provide a brief overview of our previous initiatives, we started by constructing a court in Conakry, followed by the renovation of the court in our second project. We then hosted a basketball camp for children and organized two official games featuring national teams on the refurbished court. Our third project was a formidable challenge as we constructed a new court far away from the capital city in Kindia. With all that success, it is now time for our 4th journey. Join us and be part of this impactful project. Donate any amount and make a difference. ❤️

4th Project Announcement:

The forthcoming fourth project diverges from our previous endeavours. We have fortuitously identified an orphanage that stands to benefit from our expertise in court construction. The orphanage encompasses a sizable football field and ample space for a basketball court. Leveraging our extensive network, we aim to assist them in realizing their aspirations of possessing new facilities for football and basketball. This particular project resonates deeply with us, as these children, devoid of familial support, deserve the bare minimum of a secure and recreational environment. Furthermore, this sports complex will be open to the public, offering an additional safe haven within these communities. It also facilitates interaction between orphans and the broader society, a pivotal element for social development and assimilation into the real world.


In June, we eagerly anticipate returning to Guinea to conclude our mission at the orphanage. An integral aspect of this project entails extending invitations to select basketball players from Guinea to participate in our camp. This endeavour will ideally be funded through the generosity of donors and the proceeds from our camps, thereby affording these athletes a complimentary trip and fostering an extraordinary cultural exchange between participants from Switzerland and Guinea. While the logistics of obtaining visas for the children remain a challenge, and considerations about Switzerland’s policies arise, we are committed to exploring every avenue to make this initiative a reality.

In summary, our objectives for this project encompass the construction of a basketball court and football field at the orphanage in Conakry, leveraging our accumulated expertise. Simultaneously, we aspire to facilitate an unparalleled cultural exchange by bringing Guinean players to the Bölle summer camp in Switzerland. The feasibility of this undertaking will undoubtedly be tested, yet we remain resolute in our commitment to realize these ambitions to the best of our abilities.