The 3rd Guinea Project is here. Be part of the journey and help us make an impact.

CHF 14'053.00 of CHF 12'000.00


The Guinea project in Western Africa enters its third round this year. Another milestone for a bigger mission: Our social construction projects aim to give young people access to a safe and inclusive environment where sports, physical health and social cohesion are a priority. Regardless of age, gender, origin, or the circumstances that we were born into. Hereby, we bring the vision of BÖLLE from Switzerland to Guinea to create equal opportunities for all.



1. We build a roof for the first court

As the rainy season brings heavy rainfall, the decay of the materials used for the square cannot be avoided. By roofing the square, we ensure that it can be the center of a vibrant community in the long run.

2. We build a second court in Kindia

Kindia, as a basketball stronghold, offers the ideal basis for our expansion. We are working with high-quality materials and chose a location that is well suited for a long-term project.

Financial Support is Social Commitment!

For the Guinea project 2023 we expect costs of 12’000 CHF. This includes the cost of materials, construction and labor. Financial support enables high-quality construction that can withstand harsh weather conditions. We work with local partners to promote self-reliance, self-sustainability and longevity.

We place great value on transparency and appreciate the trust of our donors. That is why we have our finances regularly certified by a trustee.

 Support us to move bigger things together!

Why? Because Bölle isch lebe.

Bölle has always been bigger than basketball.

Basketball is our universal language. On the court, we all speak it, regardless of age, gender, origin, or the circumstances into which we were born. BÖLLE is therefore more than just a sports program. We stand for acceptance, team spirit, fair play and create community for a shared passion. We take responsibility. On the court and beyond. We aim to create an environment where all young people are free to leverage their talents, abilities and draw from full potential. In reality, this means setting the right resources, motives, and multipliers in motion for people to grow beyond themselves. This vision is our priority. This effect has a name: Empowerment.