The Guinea Project 3.0

Let’s organize a free basketball camp in Guinea together. All donations will be used for the Guinea Project 2.0.

The Guinea Project 3.0


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Our Vision for 2023

Roof for our First Court in Conakry

As the rainy season brings heavy rain falls, the materials used for the court are bound to deteriorate at a much higher rate. By roofing the court, we ensure that it can be the long-lasting center of a vibrant community and maybe even forge international Basketball talent

2nd Basketball Court in Kindia

We will build our 2nd basketball court with longer lasting materials as we are providing a safe and supportive environment for the local youth. We will also strive to develop a sense of belonging and offer a positive perspective for the children living there.

Guinea is one of the poorest countries in the world, plagued by widespread poverty and poor healthcare. Its people face immense hardships. The majority of the population lives on less than 2$/day and has limited access to basic education and such

Who are we?

We are BÖLLE. It all started with 2 regular students organizing basketball camps for young players in Switzerland. We aim to not only promote skills in basketball but also teamwork, fair play, and responsibility on and off the court. It was always deeper than basketball.

Being aware of the privileges we were born into and compassionate towards the suffering of people in less fortunate circumstances, led us to the only logical next step. We lunched a humanitarian project in Guinea, Western Africa.

What we did so far

We built a basketball court in one of the poorest neighbourhoods of the capital Conakry.

We were partnering with a school and have familial ties to the people living there. This gives us a reliable source of information about the exact needs and the success of the impact that we are trying to have.

The strengthening of the community and a sense of belonging for the disadvantaged children makes all the difference.



This will be our 3rd year funding the Guinea Project through our own call for donations. We were fortunate to have built a strong community around our project, yet we are in constant need for more direct support.

Financial support allows us to have better quality constructions with higher resiliency to the harsh weather conditions. We instruct the beneficiaries on how to do the maintenance the right way and allow them to run the whole organization around it themselves. This increases self sustainability and longevity.

We want to highlight the role that individuals and small organizations can play in making a positive impact.

Be part of the journey and make a difference!